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21 Days Challenge to Attract Business Abundance for Time & Money

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A Note from Elma:

"I'm looking forward to teaching you EVERYTHING you need to know to start from scratch and CREATE AND MANIFEST your biggest ever level of success, happiness and abundance in your business!

Today's the day you finally learn the step-by-step strategies and tactics you need to quickly eliminate your limiting beliefs, take inspired action and transform your results in your heart-driven business.

The 21 DAYS CHALLENGE TO ATTRACT BUSINESS ABUNDANCE will show you how. I guarantee it!"

-- Elma

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[1] YES, I understand that the “Save $362.00 OFF” spaces are limited, so it's important that I act now… before we sell out.

[2] YES, please enroll me in the 21 days challenge to attract Business Abundance for Time & Money I understand this comprehensive 21 days-long program gives me the secrets & tools to having the things I want miraculously manifest – and the mental processes that make it happen for me. I understand I will program my genius subconscious mind for success & abundance via 21 audio and small exercises based on these 3 Modules:

-- Module #1: Dream

Visualization aligned to your soul energy to win your inner game of business profit; one of the most important manifesting essentials

-- Module #2Observe 

Instant manifesting results of business abundance, on your terms of gratitude

-- Module #3Grow

Focus on ongoing value creation for your client and yourself by magic business formulas

Every module has short lessons (20-30 minutes), in total 21 released daily.

All I do is listen to one session a day – and I'll be guided to take simple action steps and transform my creative manifesting power for my business!

[3] YES, I also want the free Money Magic GUIDED Visualization MP3 of Wealth Manifesting Boss Carl Harvey  (Value $111.00) - so all I do is listen, and I'll start to create my highest ever level of success and abundance... in just 20 minutes a day.

[4] YES, please include Elma's Ultimate Meditation MP3 GATE OPENER TO MY CREATIVE SUBCONSCIOUS MANIFESTING MIND  as extra BONUS GIFT (Value $99.00). I know these FREE extra MP3 will help me to manifest more of my intentions. I understand that I’m getting these life-changing audio for free when I get started TODAY!

[5] YES, I understand I can "test drive" this system for 30 days. If I don't LOVE the 21 days challenge, I can get a quick, no-hassle 100% refund... and keep everything I've downloaded.

By now, you’ll see you have nothing to lose… and potentially an entirely new business world to gain.

This is for YOU who wants to build a heart-driven business with more passion & purpose.

This is for YOU who’s ready to let go of limiting beliefs and fears.

This is for YOU who wants to run a business aligned to your soul energy. 

This is for YOU who wants to eliminate the #1 problem that keeps you stuck in lack of time.

This is for YOU who wants to create freedom by a business you deeply love.

Join us!

-- Elma

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