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Finally, the illusion of money is revealed by the small business accountant Elma de Bruijn. She is the author of the Dutch book ’Illusion of money' and she cracked the gratitude money code.

In this video, she reveals her time & money manifesting system. This will help you create a heart-driven business without money or time stress, without overwhelming to-do lists, and without struggling with lack of time … within 21 days or less!


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Here's The Story:

Today I want to give you the single most valuable gift imaginable … the key secrets to my abundance.  

You should know that most accountants don’t know this, and the few that do know won't talk about it. I do, so my key secrets to my abundance are yours now.

Read on to discover my secret keys to manifesting your (business) life that you will deeply love, full of the abundance of time & money & clients whom you love!


Starting today, I’m going to train you every day for 21 days to help you – authentically and easily – to be a wonderful abundance business manifestor for great time & income. Whether you have a small or bigger business does not matter. It will be aligned to your soul energy.

Every day you will get a short (20 to 30 minutes) audio lesson – packed with exciting exercises, manifesting visualization and simple business formulas with easy, understandable action steps.

To Empower You To: 

  • Eliminate your #1 problem that keeps you stuck in lack of time
  • Move from complete doubts & worries about what to do, to be a winner of your inner game of business profit …fast
  • Stop unconscious scarcity thinking; poor thoughts are not your fault and easy to transform to wealthy one’s
  • Learn how to attract financial stability and abundance without losing your heart and integrity
  • Discover how to create freedom by running your business that you love, aligned to your soul energy

"Today has been born out your actions of yesterday.
  To feel excellent tomorrow, you want to take an inspiring action today!"

- Elma de Bruijn -



All you do is listen for a few minutes once a day, and you TRANSFORM … you're creating powers for the business abundance you deeply love, on your terms.

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Visualization aligned to your soul mission to win your inner game of business profit


Instant manifesting results of business abundance, on your terms of gratitude


Focus on ongoing value creation by magic formulas; value for your new clients and yourself

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